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Join the growing group of RS1 owners that are enjoying their 450 HP track cars.Your RS1 includes personalized  custom car wrap in your individual or corporate colors, favourite number, engraved valve covers, embroidered seats and steering wheel.

Trevor K. Seibert


For the seasoned veterans we all know that racing has always been financially prohibitive and these days it’s out of reach for most racers. For the younger drivers making their way through the ranks it’s an opportunity to compete at a very high level on an incredibly modest budget. Are you a driver sidelined because of budget shortfalls? The Avion RS1 Series might be your solution.


Attention all racers, both experienced veterans and young drivers alike! We all know that racing can burn a hole in your bank account, making it difficult for most of us to compete at the professional level. Luckily, there's a solution for those of you who have been sidelined due to budget constraints. Welcome to the Avion RS1 Series - a platform designed for racers who want to compete at a high level on a budget that won't break the bank. Don't let financial obstacles get in the way of your passion for racing. Join the Avion RS1 Series today and take your racing career to new heights!


We have developed both a car and a series that addresses this issue. Highly competitive, high quality car and competition, economics and parity between all cars was the priority. We have developed a racing series that pits equally constructed and prepared cars against one another. A series where the driver makes all of the difference, not your wallet. Avion Motorsports retains possession of every car, regardless of ownership, and prepares them to exacting standards. No need for teams of tech officials to travel to every event driving costs up. No need for drivers to fund individual crews, transport equipment and travel costs further driving costs. It is all done under one roof, the driver simply arrives and drives.


At Avion Motorsports, we know that racing isn't for the faint of heart. It takes passion and skill to master the sport and with our RS1 Cup Series, you've got an opportunity to test your abilities against some of the best drivers in North America right here in one series. We're giving you a chance to show everyone just how good you are, in equal cars. So come prove your mettle and take on the challenge of the RS1 Cup Series! Can you handle it? Let's find out. Join us today and see if you have what it takes to make it to the top. We know you've got what it takes—now show us!

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Revved Up Finances 101: Here's how it works - when a driver joins the Avion team, they'll start by purchasing a brand-new car for the upcoming 2023 season. The cost of the turn-key car is set at $130,000 CAN plus tax. From there, the Avion team takes care of everything else, including storing and transporting the car, providing a crew for maintenance, and paying for venue fees. But of course, all of these costs are then passed on to the owner at a fixed rate which is available for all to see. It's important to note that any damages resulting from crashes or non-standard maintenance must be paid for separately at an hourly rate determined in a signed work order. So, buckle up, and get ready to join the team!

The Avion RS1 Cup Series is getting more popular in Canada because it's a smart financial decision for drivers/owners. To run the six scheduled races, you only need to budget $27,000 per year, not including additional test days. For any damage to the car or vinyl, you should plan for an extra $15,000 annually. In total, you should plan a budget of $42,000 for twelve races over six weekends. Compared to other racing series, this budget is a steal. That's why the Avion RS1 Cup Series is quickly becoming the go-to option for drivers/owners.


For those without a budget to purchase a car we offer a rental program. A driver on a rental program should budget $40,000/yr. to run the six scheduled events plus an additional $15,000/yr. for crash damage/vinyl repairs for a total budget of $65,000. This budget does not include any additional test days.


Avion can also facilitate the sale of a pre-owned RS1, as well, to help achieve budgetary goals. Because all cars have been constructed identically, there’s no chance that a car will not be current or missing updates.


* Budgets are important factors to consider when making a big purchase, especially when it comes to high-end race cars like the Avion RS1. To make sure you have a clear understanding of the costs associated with its ownership, the experts at Avion are happy to guide you through the expected expenses, including depreciation. Plus, with the RS1's impressive reputation for holding its value, you can rest assured that it's a solid investment for the long run. And if you're worried about unexpected costs popping up, don't fret - Avion offers an easy-to-understand cost structure that will be included in your contract, so there won't be any surprises down the road.


The Avion Motorsports RS1 Cup Series competes on both Oval and Road Course configurations. The RS1 was designed and constructed to be superb on both types of tracks. On the road course at Area 27 we run a format that includes a morning warm up, a qualifying session then two separate 10 lap races. On the oval we run a series of test sessions, then a two-lap single car qualifying to establish the starting order, then two 100 lap feature events. For cost control, in all events, every car starts the day with new Goodyear racing slicks and no new replacement tires are allowed. In the event of a damaged tire, a good used tire will be supplied as a replacement. All fuel loads, cool boxes and driver weights are equalized.

Avion RS1s
RS1 Race
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RS1 Racing
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