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Avion Motorsports Special Events

Avion Corporate Days

Need something special to make a lasting impression? Our motorsports events company can make it happen! We specialize in providing exclusive experiences that are sure to thrill your employees, friends, family members, or even yourself. Choose from amazing performance street cars and high-level race car options with packages tailored to what works best for your needs; then our events specialists will assist you every step of the way. From selections to customization's to bookings, all offered at world class facilities - you can't go wrong! Stop searching for that perfect, memorable experience - let us make it happen for you.

Corporate Event

There's no better way to treat your clients, employees or select group than by offering them something unexpected, and they won't find that anywhere else but at a racetrack. Picture their excitement as they arrive knowing something special awaits - the sound of engines revving and the picturesque landscape of the Okanagan Valley. A privately catered lunch from award-winning chefs can round off the experience with exquisite meals showcasing the best local ingredients. Corporations are always looking for unique experiences to bring their clients or employees for team building and client appreciation, so why not bring them to a race track for an exclusive day filled with driving Chevrolet Camaros, Avion RS1 Race Cars, Legends and Hornets? They will surely remember it for years to come!

Avion Group experience
Avion Corp days group.jpg

Private Event

Be it a bachelor party, a kickoff to a great Okanagan getaway or just a group of friends getting together, give your select group the experience of a lifetime and provide them with access to something truly special – an exclusive day at the track with an amazing array of cars and formats to pick from! Our experience lets everyone in the group sit behind the wheel of powerful cars such as the beautiful Chevy Camaro, the Avion RS1 Race Car, the 1930’s inspired Legend, or the simplicity of a Hornet. Not only will they enjoy a driving experience like no other, but they'll also relax and refuel in style with private catered lunches by award-winning chefs using only the freshest ingredients from Okanagan Valley. If you want to give your friends or special group a unique outing that won't be found anywhere else, look no further than what we have to offer.

Public Track Days

Are you looking for something truly remarkable? Stop your search and book with us today! Our motorsports events company offers the ultimate opportunity for you to drive high performance cars at two prestigious venues. At Area 27 in Oliver, you can attend one of our exclusive track days and drive your own car or rent one of our Camaros - the choice is yours! In addition, if you prefer Penticton Speedway, we'll give you the chance to try a range of vehicles, like Hornets, Legends and Avion RS1's. Make sure you don't miss out on this extraordinary experience - take advantage of our incredible offer now!

Avion Camaro - Track Day.jpeg


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