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69 Trevor Seibert

Founder/CEO - Avion Motorsports

Co-Founder/Shareholder - Area 27

Co-Founder – Avion Motorsports RS1 Series

Co-Designer/Engineer/Builder - Area 27

CEO/President - Lake Excavating Ltd.

Trevor began a racing career that started in 1984 on a small asphalt oval in his hometown of Williams Lake, BC and he quickly advanced to the professional level. His experience includes wins and championships on ovals, road, and street circuits throughout North America. His resume includes NASCAR, IMSA, SCCA, Player’s GM, Formula Atlantic & Indy Lights.

Notable achievements include holding the fastest ever recorded lap time, by the Sports Car Club of America, on a half mile oval and winning the Gilles Villeneuve Memorial Award in 1993 for Outstanding Skill and Determination.

Trevor has driven for many teams over his professional career and in 2005 founded Avion Motorsports to campaign cars in the Canadian NASCAR series for himself, his son Ryley, and other talented drivers.


Trevor is no stranger to the motorsports racing scene. He was an essential part in bringing Area 27 into being, not only co-designing it but engineering and constructing it as well. His eye for detail also extended to his involvement with Avion Motorsports RS1 Racing Series', where he's a regular competitor too! Most recently Trevor took on the role of co-owner at Penticton Speedway, completely revamping its design and structure in 2021.


Trevor continues to compete in many different types of cars including Asphalt Sprints, Avion RS1 and Pro-Late Models.

09 Ryley Seibert Profile.jpg

DRIVER/EVENTS - Avion Motorsports

Construction Superintendent - Area 27

General Manager - Lake Excavating Ltd.

Ryley began his racing career on an asphalt oval in his hometown of Williams Lake and was a successful driver in the WESCAR Series, a late model oval racing series in BC. He has also raced numerous times in the Canadian NASCAR series including a full season in 2013 where he narrowly missed the Rookie of the Year honors by a single point.


Ryley is a remarkable force to be reckoned with on the racetrack! His impressive five victories at the 2022 Avion Motorsports Cup Series earned him Champion status, and he cemented his legacy by winning triumphantly at Penticton Speedway's inaugural Western Rattler 300. An incredible accomplishment for Canadian Short Track racing, indeed!


Ryley is a driving force in the world of motor sports education, sharing his extensive knowledge and experience with aspiring racers at Area 27 and Penticton Speedway. He has also made an indelible mark on the industry by contributing to the development and testing of the Avion RS1 Race Car, proudly bearing his initials as recognizance for all he's done!


Events - Avion Motorsports

Co-Founder – Avion Motorsports RS1 Series

Competition Director – Avion RS1 Cup/Challenge Series’

Al Lebert’s motorsports career started in 1999 at a young age helping a friend clean his race car. His Motorsport career quickly evolved to crewing for a NASCAR team and within a few years he wore every hat in motorsports from team owner, NASCAR Driver, Crew Chief, Race Car Builder and Team Manager.


Al's journey in the world of motorsports further evolved in 2012 with a challenging endeavor: the relocation of Avion Motorsports' NASCAR team to Ottawa, Ontario. Capitalizing on his newfound momentum, in 2015 he was soon presented with an incredible opportunity; co-designing and constructing a brand-new race car concept - dubbed 'RS1'. With 30 custom builds now delivered across Western Canada alone, what started as just another relationship has taken him down some incredibly fast lanes!


Chassis Builder

For 30 years Mike has been building the winningest and most durable race cars in Canada with race victories and championships in many different series.  His business has also grown to become the largest part supplier for race teams in multiple series from coast to coast.


With Mike's expertise and background along with his proven track record, he was the perfect choice to assist Avion with the design and development of the RS1 chassis package and Mike continues to build the chassis for each RS1 racecar to exacting specifications and identical performance on the track.



Corporate Events Manager

Ken has been part of Avion Motorsports and Area 27 right from the beginning.  He started by assisting in the building of the track.  His real strength is working with people with event planning, organizing and execution.


For many years Ken has been putting together corporate occasions,  partner functions and other special events.  Whatever special request you might have or idea you feel will make your day at the track extra special, Ken will find a way to make it happen.


RS1 Racecar Builder

Amanda is pursuing her passion. She started out as a racing fan and through hard work has been able to make it her full time career. Amanda's enthusiasm and determination first got her hired in 2014 to work on the Avion Pinty's Series program.  She has continued to learn and grow with the company and has become a vital part of the RS1 program.

Amanda has made many important contributions to the success of the Avion RS1 program.  She has played a key role in the building and maintenance of every RS1 racecar that has been manufactured.  Her shining personality has also made her the first person drivers and team members want to say hello to at the track. 


Transmission Specialist

Ken's first adventures in racing came in dirt cars. His mechanical aptitude saw him quickly move up the ranks and into different series as a transmission specialist who was in high demand.  He joined the 22 Racing Group and worked extensively in the NASCAR Pinty's Series.


His unique knowledge and skill were the reasons he was brought over to Avion Motorsports to oversee this important area and keep the cars running smoothly.  


With such a large fleet of high performance vehicles Ken's wisdom and talent help keep each car running at peak performance.   

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